• PacketRiders Competition - 2018

    What is Cisco Packet Riders competition?
    Cisco Packet Riders is competition focuses on Packet Tracer programs. This is a fabulous opportunity for those who are new to CISCO commands and configurations. All the instructions will be handed to you where you can decide when to use those. Further, Cisco Packet Riders is a great platform for you to be creative and innovative in working with Packet Tracer Program  which focuses on challenging students to develop troubleshooting skills and give idea about demonstration tool how worth before go to real networking implementation.

    Who can participate?
    If you are Sri Lankan student above the age of 15 years you are eligible to participate in this island-wide competition.

    Any prerequisites?
    Prospective competitors, there are no prerequisites for you to participate. However, you must register under one institute in order to compete. Once registered you will be enrolled to a comprehensive Packet Tracer course on netacade. If you are having a netacade account already the course will appear under support programs. If you do not have an account the institution requires registration and the enrolment will follow.

    How many students can be in a team?
    A team requires TWO members to complete.

    How does this happen?
    The competition will have three rounds and which is check how your knowledge about Packet Tracer Program  for you to battle out;

    Round One
    Initial round will be conducted at the respective academy on 5th June. The team can participate via online, which consists of 2 hour packet tracer based questions.

    Round Two
    Out of all participating teams 20 teams selected for Round two based on the results of the first round. Which will be held on 19th July an institution are required to select THREE teams for the second round.  

    Round Three (Final Round)

    In Final Round 3 winners will select out of 20. Which will be held on 19th July. 

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